IRL Friendly, Online Shy (First Post!)

Hello World — I am finally getting around to starting this dang blog, and here we are, off to the races!

Let me start by setting the intention:

It has recently come to my attention how absurd it is that I have no problem talking to strangers out in the real world, but I have never been drawn to posting much on the internet.

We are living in a digital world, and I am a material girl…

But really, I am also a digital girl, I love thinking about technology and design and the world we are building for ourselves, I just don’t talk about it on the internet much.

So here it is, I am building myself a space for comment, reflection, and observation. I am building myself a space to let my ideas develop, voice my rants and raves, and allow my images to accumulate.

This post was mostly meant as a way to keep me from putting this off any longer, so there isn’t much else to say for now, but I plan to get in a rhythm with all this, so if you happen to read this post, check back in a week and watch this thing grow!

For now, I leave you with mellow vibes from the Summertime:

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