Fiona Sergeant

Product Researcher and Designer


Deep in my core, I am a researcher and designer.

Now, I am working to develop my professional craft so that I may do work that is aligned with my natural way of being in the world.

Growing up, I always felt like a friendly alien — I am ethnically mixed (Scottish and Chinese) and the child of immigrants. Cross-cultural thinking comes naturally to me, and I’ve always had a sense of how arbitrary it is to be born into one life or another.

This feeling of being an outsider turned me into a mini anthropologist at an early age, and I often think in terms of the human-animal and the long lines of history that have brought us to this current manifestation. I also take pleasure in speculating about where these long lines of history may lead and hope to be part of bringing about a more balanced and ethical future.

On a personal level, my path has led me through photography, interdisciplinary sculpture, and hospitality (I ended up opening a diner in Baltimore in my mid-twenties…), but my spirit continued to wander in search of its true niche.

I am a classic art-science kid with one foot in the expansive space of play and creativity and the other in the world of structure and analysis. I feel that I have finally found a place to make my home in the world of design research and human-centered design.


Product + Market Research

Discovery Research + Ideation

Product Thinking + Strategy

Usability Testing

UI Design, Wireframing, and Prototyping

Planning, Organization, and Project Management

Facilitation and Collabrative Design

Leadership + Interpersonal Skills

Critical Thinking + General Problem Solving


Pen + Paper


Adobe Creative Suite

Qualtrics + Survey Design


Microsoft + Google Office Suites

Some Knowledge of 3D using Rhino, Unity, and OpenSCAD

Zoom + Zoom for Webinar

*I have a general ability and comfort with learning new things and finding answers.

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