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Odd Jobs

In Praise of Odd Jobs + How They Have Served Me


8+ years


My mind + body + whatever the situation called for


  • Talking to Strangers
  • Observation
  • Informal Interview
  • Desk Research
  • Learning by Doing

In Praise of Odd Jobs

I think I was drawn to Odd Jobs because I didn’t know that Design Research was an option.

When I graduated from undergrad, I remember thinking, “I’d like to become a designer sometime in the future, but for now, I want to know more about what people are like.” At the time, I had no real conception of design research as a professional discipline, but I now realize that has been my impulse all along.

I am a generally interested person, and I can learn something from almost any situation.

I move through the world striking up a lot of conversations, meeting a lot of people, and telling a fair number of them to, “Let me know if they need help with anything….” As a result, I have worked a wide variety of jobs and had a wide variety of experiences.

I have been feeling the desire to develop rigor and expertise.

I think I wandered because I was in search of a profession that would allow me to continue to feed my curiosity. I have finally found the world of UX and design research, and I feel I can finally begin to plant some roots and develop my craft as a designer and researcher.

How They Have Served Me

Skills I’ve Developed

Experiences I’ve Had